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The future of Facilities Services


Forever changing Facilities Services in the UK

Insightuk has, forever, changed the way Facilities Services are managed and implemented by the Facilities Management sector throughout the UK.

Insightuk is quite unique in that it can group it's huge range of PPM service visits to offer unparallelled mobilisation and overhead costs directly to the Facilities Manager.

The simple truth is that: -

"There is no other UK Facilities Services organisation that can provide a better pricing structure than Insightuk’s multi-service packages, without sacrificing service levels and customer care."

 Our Multi-service offering 

How is Insightuk different?

.... lets ask Jane and Bob.

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Insightuk offers a range of services that compliment each other in such a way as to ensure that the Facilities Manager can look to Insightuk not only as a ‘single source supplier’ but to provide an ‘economy of scale efficiency’ rarely seen in the industry.

Insightuk’s range of services is its hidden value, when Insightuk is adopted as a single supplier to provide these services, the discerning Facilities Manager can benefit from a huge economy of scale saving, a guaranteed service level and a dedicated supplier with a proven track record for continually providing excellent service.

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