Insightuk has developed through controlled expansion and strategic acquisition to offer a range of services specifically tailored to the Facilities Management sector.

Insightuk has uniquely positioned itself to provide an unprecedented level of cost savings through a pure ‘efficiency of scale’ process.

When Insightuk carries out multiple services on a site, an inherent level of efficiency is achieved, the more Insightuk does, the more efficient it becomes. This simple ‘economy of scale’ cost saving is achieved without ‘cutting back’ and without ‘cutting corners’, quite the opposite.

Insightuk is simply built to provide a better service at a better price.

Its no wonder Insightuk is loved by the professional Facilties Manager.

Insightuk Helpdesk Facilities Services

Insightuk is a Facilities Managers Best Kept Secret


Insightuk was founded in 1998 with a mission to be the UK’s most valued Facilities Services provider. To do this, Insightuk has tailored its business to the specific requirements of the discerning Facilities Management organisation and through its multi-service offering, customer centric support, efficient working practices and efficiency of scale operations, Insightuk has established a support-based culture that can provide such an exceptional service at the very best price.


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Putting together a great Helpdesk is without doubt one of the most demanding things to do and one of the most important. A Helpdesk Team can make or break a company’s reputation and alienate a customer quicker than anything else.

Insightuk has worked to ensure its Helpdesk Team is one of the best in the Industry, with its perpetual training program and simulated job demonstrations, Insightuk’s Helpdesk is much more than an inexperienced pacifier.

Being trained to ask the right questions and with a ‘real’ understanding of the site issues at hand, Insightuk has developed a Helpdesk Team that quickly and efficiently ascertains the right information to provide the right solution to any problem.

Insightuk’s highly efficient operations process starts with the Helpdesk.

The Magic starts with the Helpdesk

Insightuk Helpdesk Facilities Services


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Insightuk’s Operations Department is the hidden backbone of the organisation.

Operations is where all the statistics are worked out, it is where all of the quotations are processed and where the cost savings are made.

It's Operations job to ensure that the company runs at is most efficient - they analyse the work load, they plan the details and they work out the best way to save costs.

The Operations Department works tirelessly to ensure each and every job is carried out in the best manner and at its most efficient - the Operations Team are what allows the Quotes Team to offer the best prices.

Considering the huge resources Insightuk has at hand, the huge scope of works undertaken, the shear number of engineers and a full UK coverage to contend with, the Operations Team works like a well-oiled machine to pull it all together and make even the most simple job a work of ‘efficiency’ art.

The Unsung Heros

Insightuk Helpdesk Facilities Services


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Not just a Pricing Exercise

Insightuk’s Quotes department works hand-in-hand with the Operations Team to be able to provide the most efficient pricing structures across each of its service disciplines. When you consider the number of services offed by Insightuk, you will understand ‘that’s quite an achievement’.

Without such a ‘well oiled’ Operations Team ‘working’ each and every job to its most efficient, the Quotes Team could not offer the Industry leading price structures that it does.

With such a symbiotic relationship Insightuk works hard to ensure that communications lines between the two departments are fluid and in real time.

On the surface each department makes the process seem simple and straight forward, but behind this calm exterior lies the fire and passion of two of the finest teams of professional individuals within the Facilities Services Market.

Insightuk Helpdesk Facilities Services


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Sitting in front of a potential customer and hearing the words “We’ve heard a lot about you guys” can be a scary moment for most Sales People - but not an Insightuk Sales Person.

When an Insightuk Sales Person hears those magic words “We’ve heard a lot about you guys”, he knows that he has just made a Sale.

Since 1998 Insightuk has built a reputation that precedes the company wherever it goes and such a good reputation is worth its weight in gold. 

With industry beating prices, a service second to none and a golden reputation, Insightuk is the United Kingdom’s Facilities Services company of choice for the discerning Facilities Manager.

Insightuk Helpdesk Facilities Services

Selling a Service by Reputation 



Longest Running Customers


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