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Cutting costs the old fashoned way...

Insightuk has been around for quite a while and over the years has seen the Facilities Management sector develop and evolve, as every industry has had to do to stay relevant in this ever changing world.

As with every industry, this development and evolution has been fuelled by the customers’ requirements. In the FM sector there is a constant quest for better service levels at cheaper prices. The FM sector has done very well nurturing its contractors, awarding preferential statuses to drive discounts and foster loyalty and promoting higher and higher service level agreements (SLA’s).

All very good and many FM company’s do this very well.

But with rising wage bills, higher minimum wages structures and increase service levels keeping cost low is increasingly difficult. Every FM company knows that when you push cost down too far, service levels are affected and then that’s another big problem to deal with.

Every FM company knows there’s a minimum cost level before the contractor cuts corners to stay afloat and that not a good place to be.

Insightuk Helpdesk Facilities Services

So, how do the others do it...

Insightuk has changed the very core of how Facilities Services are implemented and to fully understand how this has been done, we need to first talk about “How it used to be managed”.

How it used to be done:

A Facilities Manager commissions a whole load of companies to carry out a whole load different services all at different times.

All of these companies each dispatch a whole load of Service Engineers to travel to the site to carry out a single service all at different times.

So for every site a Facilities Manager will have:

  • Different Companies

  • Different Work Staff

  • Different Travelling to and from site

  • Different Attendance dates

  • All managed by different companies

Very in-efficient and very costly, but thats how its done,
there is no other way?

Insightuk Helpdesk Facilities Services

Lets look at whats different with Insightuk...

Insightuk is set up differently, over the years as Insightuk has watched the Facilities Management sector evolve and change - Insightuk has been taking note and evolving itself to provide a service and harness a skill very few can achieve: -


Multi-Service Efficiency

Insightuk has perfected the art of successfully providing a wide and diverse range of services that all compliment each other and has perfected the art of pulling these services together to provide the Facilities Management sector the “efficiency of Scale” cost saving that it has been looking for.


So, how does that work?

Well, the differences are like this:


Different Companies?

No – Insightuk is a single organisation offering a full range of Facilities Services throughout the UK.

A huge Overhead Saving!


Different Work Staff?

No – Insightuk has fully trained multi-skilled engineers and staff.

A huge Wage Saving!


Different Travelling to and from site?

No – with multi-skilled engineers, Insightuk can group services and minimise site visits.

A huge Mobilisation Cost Saving!
Also, ISO 14001 loves it.


Different Attendance dates?

No – with Insightuk’s multi-skilled engineers, intelligent scheduling and efficient mobilisation many services can be grouped to offer even more cost saving.

More Mobilisation Saving and Wage Saving!

All managed by different companies?
– Insightuk has one of the best Helpdesk centres around and this one Helpdesk manages ALL of Insightuk’s services.
Even more Overhead and Wages Saving!

You can see how, pulling together ‘like services’ and letting Insightuk take a quick look at your site requirements can yield real savings made from a real company really thinking about efficiency.

When you’re working with Insightuk

Corners don’t have to be cut, to cut costs.

Saving money is the new cutting costs.

Insightuk Helpdesk Facilities Services


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