Get involved with the Beta Testing...

The App all Facilities Managers have been waiting for:

InsightUK has been busy for the last 6 months developing and building a revolutionary mobile app specifically designed for Facilities Managers.

We know how hard all you Facilities Managers work and that's why we’ve been hard at work developing a Mobile App that may just help you guys out a little….


So, here we go with the pitch…


Anyone who Manages the Facilities of a building needs to have a wealth of trusted information at his / her disposal. 
British Standards, Regulations, Compliance, Recommendations…. the list goes on and is ever changing.

The InsightUK App provides the discerning Facilities Manager with up to date information as to the PPM requirements for over 100 Assets and Services essential to the smooth and compliant running of any building. 


When you need a baseline quotation for the Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) of your Building Assets, obtaining prices from multiple sub-contractors can be a laborious task.


The InsightUK App provides an Instant (yes… instant!) fully detailed Quotation for the PPM requirements for over 100 building assets grouped into simple asset groups. By simply entering your Asset quantity you can have a PPM quotation in seconds from one of the UK’s leading Facilities Services provider.


-    Benchmarking your suppliers?
-    Considering changing your Sub-contractor?
-    Interested in grouping services to save up to 25% off all PPM works?
-    Looking for the Future in Facilities Services?
-    Looking to work with a forward-thinking company?


Asset and Service Groups
Cradle Systems
Door Systems
Fire Safety Systems
Height Safety
Safe Access Structures
Personal Protection Equipment
Abseil Systems
Disabled Access    
Material Handling
Stage & Theatre Equipment
Lightning Protection
Catering Equipment
Cleaning Solutions    
Roofing Services    
Building Fabric    
Netting Services    

High Level Services    
Pest Control    
Landscape Services    
Training Services    
Consultancy Services  



InsightUK is the trading name of Insight Enterprises Ltd – the UK’s leading Facilities Services organisation - Serving the Facilities Management sector for over 20 years – Full Mainland UK Coverage.



There you have it, we will be rolling the app out in the new year on Apple iOS and Android, oh and it's completely free.


So, we hope our new App is going to help you guys and you enjoy having all this information at your finger tips.


Thank you


The Insightuk Team







If you would like to take a cheeky look at the App before its quite finished, you can download it here.

Please bear in mind the App will be missing some information and it is still in the Beta testing phase.

But, we would love you to take a look and give us your valuable feedback.

Thank you

Do you want a sneak preview of the Beta App?

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