Insightuk are proud to announce that it has recently completed the installation of a new Building Maintenance Unit complete with Roof Mounted Track System and Access Walkway to Tricorn House in Birmingham.


Tricorn House is a 50-meter tall building housing 12 floors and a prominent Birmingham landmark. Its unique design gives it its name having three wings; the building layout follows a radius profile and sits proudly next to the Birmingham five ways island.


The design aspect of this project was particularly interesting due to the unique shape of the building. Each of the roof mounted twin track rails needed to be formed with a unique radius to accommodate the building profile. Insightuk carried out a digital profiling of the roof area and it found that, to provide Track Rails to perfectly align with the building profile, no two rails were going to be the same. As such Insightuk designed and fabricated each of the rails separately.

The roof mounted Trolley & Cradle were painted a unique colour to accommodate the exact requirements of the Client, which added a nice touch to what is usually a plain coloured machine.


The unique shaped walkway and handrail system running along the full perimeter of the building discreetly incorporates a safety line system to ensure the complete safety of Operators and Maintenance teams alike, and the Parking / Working platform allows the Cradle System to be parked out of view from ground level and in so maintaining the clean lines of the building.


Installing the Track System

Installing the Trolley System

If you like it, let us know...

If you like it, let us know...

Carrying out Final Commision Checks

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If you like it, let us know...

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