Undercover Boss - Part 1 - "What the hell am I doing!"

Having started Insightuk over 18 years ago as a "One Man Band", I remember the time I spent on the tools with a kind of rose coloured fondness of an easier life without all the stresses of Contracts, SLA's and the numerous other things that soak up the days, weeks and, yes, the years.

Danny Ratcliffe - Founder & Chairman

A few weeks ago, I see a group of our engineers chatting with one of the Help desk girls and for some reason it peaks my interest. I begin to strole over to 'have a nose' and start to hear the same old record being played: "Times are tight", "Traffic is a nightmare", "my van has no air-conditioning", "Booking in and Inductions take forever", "the toilet paper is too hard" - OK I added that one, but you get the drift.

The engineers having a moan - I make a quick detour and keep on walking, I think "these guys are always moaning, it was never like that back in my day, they don't know their born" (oh no! am I really the old man here?).

I'm embarrassed to say I've got used to the engineers moaning and often take it with a large pinch of salt. But, this time, I keep thinking "has it changed that much? - am I letting these guys down? - I know they're really good guys and the last thing I would ever want to do is let them down... I have to get to the bottom of this!"

That's when I decide, I'm going to check this out for myself, not a quick site visit to make sure they're wearing their boots, not a drive by to make sure there on site at the time they say they are.

I'm going "Undercover Boss", I'm going to find out for myself what today's engineers have to complain about.

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