Undercover Boss - Part 2 - "Start at what time.........?"

"Dan, we have a nice little job for you...", why do I get the feeling that they're loving this!

So, I'm not quite an 'Undercover Boss' as I've told everyone in the company what I'm doing - I've told them that I've heard the engineers moaning (it's been hard not to) and I'm going to do something about it - I'm going to find out for myself!

Has it really changed that much?

The remit is very simple, whilst the company is fully aware that I'm "going on the tools", I'm strictly to be treated like every other engineer - my name is on the system and I'm ready to work.

One thing I ask, is that as far as the customers are concerned, I'm an Insight engineer, on site to carry out a good day's work, for a good day's pay.

I don't want any special treatment, or any sugar coating, I want to experience exactly what a typical Insight engineer experiences every day.

As an engineer would say "I'm going to find out what the crack is" - that's engineer talk for 'find out what's going on'.

Before I get started

Work Uniform - Check

Id Card - Check

Tablet Computer - Check

PPE - Check

Boots that look way too big - Check

Employees taking selfies and an abundance of fat jokes - Check

(Yes, the Safety Harness does fit and it is supposed to look that way - everyone's a comedian!)

I reassure myself... it's all for a good cause.

1st Job Tomorrow

I'm told "Dan, you're off to test some Safety Eye-bolts in Birmingham tomorrow", seconds late my Mobile Phone pings with the "You have a Job" email and my Tablet burps with the Job details.

Great - Eye-bolt testing, nice little number, nice and easy to get myself up to speed...

Ping... Burp, Ping... Burp....... Hello, what's all this, the system has sent me the job three times - stupid system! - That's going to be the first thing on my report....

Oh, OK, that's not it, these are the rest of the jobs for the day. Stupid me... of course they're not going to ease me in to my first day, this is reality calling!

I tell myself "Dan, time to get your fat ass off the comfy office chair and find out what its really like to be an Insight Engineer."

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