10 year Service for Lyn Pearson and her Birthday - Sounds like a Party!

Lyn Pearson from Insightuk 10 years Service and Birthday

Our very own Lyn Pearson has recently completed her 10 years’ service with Insightuk and its her Birthday, sounds like a great excuse for a slap up meal.

Lyn Pearson joined the company in 2006 as the Head of the Accounts department and has been a stable and most valued member of the Insightuk family ever since.

Lyn is the one that looks after the money and keeps Insightuk on an ‘even keel’, she’s the one that has managed the funds over all these years that has allowed Insightuk to self-finance it decade of rapid and controlled expansion.

Dan (the good looking one on the left lol) with Lyn and Phil from Insightuk

Being so loved throughout the company, the restaurant was bursting at the seams with Insightuk folk. It was a wonderful night and the big surprise is that the Directors had brought the traditional “10-year Gold Watch”, but, not any old Gold Watch for our Lyn, this one had to be special.

Knowing that Lyn is a bit of a 'posh gall', we knew that only a posh watch would do and Gucci had the answer...

We all love Lyn Pearson from Insightuk - Happy birthday
Lyn Pearson get a Gold Watch for 10 Years Service at Insihgtuk

Apparently, according to Gucci, this watch is “an absolute must for the cosmopolitan woman who wants a high quality flamboyant timepiece that would stand out just as well in a business suit as it would sipping cocktails on board a yacht or reading the latest fashion magazines in a first class lounge waiting to board a flight” – well, when we read this we KNEW this was the one!

Lyn – we all love you, you are an absolute gem, you have been a real asset to Insightuk over these past 10 years and instrumental in the continued success of the company. We all look forward to many years working together, let’s see what the next 10 years bring xxx

Lovely Party for Lyn Pearson Insightuk

Also, Happy Birthday – I know you like to play them down, so I left it until last.

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