It’s a sad day when Insightuk beats its Call Out Attendance Time record…

Insightuk has beaten its best ever Call Out Attendance Time record, unfortunately, this time it is it's own door that has broken down.

No-one can deny that good servicing and maintenance will greatly reduce breakdowns of your Doors, Shutters, Gates and Barriers – but it will never rid you of them completely.

Insightuk has just experienced the frustration of having just completed the very best of servicing, to go and have its reception Shutter breakdown, the very next day.

They say a Plumbers Tap always drips, well, today Insightuk’s Shutter doesn’t work and it’s not for the lack of attention. With a full UK wide “Doors” department Insightuk knows a thing or two about maintaining Doors, Shutters, Gates and Barriers and today Insightuk’s engineers were put to the test - breaking all previous records.

Whilst having engineers based through the whole of the UK, Insightuk’s customer know what it’s like to have an Insightuk engineer on their door step, but today one of Insightuk’s West Midlands based team were really put under the microscope.

At 8.01am on 5th September 2016, Insightuk received a Call Out, this Call Out would put one of the West Midlands team on the spot – A breakdown at Insightuk’s Head Office!

“We can’t get into our offices! When is the engineer going to get to site” (Ok, we can use the other Doors, but that’s not the point). Recognizing a standard call from a stranded Customer, but this time ‘Insightuk calls itself for help!’

There’s an ‘Insightuk West Midlands Door Team’ at the Head Offices workshops, so the attendance time is about…. “instantly”, but, like all of Insightuk’s “Jobs” the clock is ticking and the KPI’s are being recorded, the engineers receive the job on their tablets, they log in as “arrived on site” – The board flashes, it’s a new company ‘attendance time’ record.

That KPI record is going to be hard to beat.

The engineer finds that the Door has a minor ‘broken wire’ fault and it’s quickly repaired, but that record is going to be hard to beat… we should post that on the web site someone says…. Well done Insightuk, hmm, OK well done, but that record is kind of cheating…

One breakdown in 6 years – that’s not bad, but it just goes to show – Great Servicing and Maintenance goes a long way to stop breakdowns, but will never stop them completely.

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