Insightuk is 18 years old this month...

18 years ago - September 1998 - Insightuk was born.

So, it’s been 18 years to the month since Insight was born.

I will never forget waking up on that first morning of starting my new life as a Business owner, full of excitement and ready to take on the world…. and then the cold reality of what I had done slapped me in the face and all I could think is ‘Oh Sh*t! What do I do now’?

I can’t believe it’s been 18 years - it’s been one hell of a great ride - I am very lucky to love what I do and love coming to work everyday - Insightuk is what it is today because of the staff, they are all dedicated workers and love serving the customers as much as i do.

Thanks you to everyone who has congratulated us on this anniversary. Can you believe the picture of me 18 years ago - I used to add this picture to all my letters and quotes, so people would remember who I was. Imagine doing that nowadays! What was I thinking...

Danny Ratcliffe.

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