“Insightuk’s an East Ender”

As a trusted supplier for the BBC, Insightuk gets the opportunity to look behind the scenes at some of the most interesting of places, from ‘Doctor Who’ to ‘Holby City, from ‘Casualty’ to ‘EastEnders’.

This time, Insightuk is down at the BBC’s EastEnders site at Elstree Studios working on the Doors at the Scenery Shed.

Whilst Insightuk can never spill the beans on what’s coming up, we’d be shot, (probably by ‘Phil Mitchell’), but what we can say is that the work that’s put in to delivering these extraordinary shows is amazing.

Insightuk is very proud to be supporting such a prestigious, British Institution as the BBC.

All the Insightuk Helpdesk girls are such huge EastEnders fans and have come up with their own list of the best EastEnders Quotes form over the years: -

Best Eastender's Quotes

  1. Nana Moon: Alfie, I've decided I want to get cremated. Alfie: Come on then, get your coat.

  2. Peggy: Get outta ma pub!

  3. Frank Butcher: What do you take me for? Some kind of Donut?

  4. Peggy: If your brains were dynamite you wouldn't have enough to blow your hats off.

  5. Nick Cotton: I thank you all, from the heart of my bottom.

  6. Dot: "Far be it from me to gossip, but..."

We would also like to say, ‘well done’ to all our engineers and our Helpdesk staff for their dedication and hard work, which helps to makes Insightuk one of the best Facilities Services Company’s in the UK.

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