!Emergency - VIP Airport Glass Shattered! Call Insightuk, then sit back and relax with your tray in

When you have a problem with something that you cannot afford to be without, who do you trust .....

Gatwick Airport having a shattered Glass Panel at its Virgin VIP stand, was just such a situation.

Insightuk is who you trust to replace the panel, quickly, efficiently and in a manner that ensures the VIPs can travel in style....

A broken Glass panel, airside at Gatwick Airport

Stand 19 at Gatwick Airport is one of only a few that can accommodate Virgin’s prestigious Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets such as the beautiful “Jersey Girl” pictured below and when a large glass panel shattered the race was on to get the Stand up and running safely, securely and in a manner fit for the discerning VIP traveller.

Virgin Boeing 747 Jersey Girl at Gatwick Airport

Virgin Boeing 747 - "Jersey Girl" at Gatwick Airport

Insightuk received a call in the early hours of the morning with a report of a broken glass panel and was told “this is an emergency”.

Being just the type of challenge Insightuk loves, the team set to work to pull out all the stops and show Gatwick what being an Insightuk customer really means.

After working with Insightuk across it range of services Gatwick knows that Insightuk is a supplier that can mobilise quickly and has the resources to cope with any situation.

"We've called you as we need this done right and done fast!"

8 hours later ...

  • Airside Permits approved

  • Work Permits approved

  • Insightuk engineers on site

  • MEWP'S Delivered

  • MEWP'S approved for Airside operation

  • Shattered Glass Panel secured and protected

  • Boarding installed either side of the panel

  • Boarding water / weather sealed

  • Boarding painted to the exact RAL colour of the Stand

  • The Stand Back in Operation

All this within 8 hours of that initial phone call… that’s the Insightuk way.

The Stand experienced the absolute minimum of downtime and looked great.

"Getting us up and running fast, is why we love you guys."

.... it’s nice to be appreciated, but the hard work didn't stop there.

Insightuk ordered the new panel directly from the original supplier in Germany to ensure the glass exactly matched in colour and tone.

Having received confirmation of the Glass Panel delivery date - it was time to plan and organise the re-fit.

To officially ‘shut down’ a Stand at Gatwick is a detailed process of planning and organisation, let alone the VIP Stand 19 – we were given a three day window!

After 6 weeks of planning and preparation, the Glass was ready, its quality had been checked and approved for installation, the Insightuk engineers were ready, the Crane was ready, the Vacuum Lifter was ready, the MEWP was ready.

All ready and more importantly - Airside ready!

The Lifting Plans, the Marshalling Plans, the RAMS, the Work Procedures, all documentation has been issued and approved – everything was ready, everything was approved.

The work of installing the panel was completed to perfection, not surprising from the level of planning that was carried out.

Another job perfectly planned and perfectly executed.

Working with Gatwick is a very interesting and rewarding experience, everything has to be perfect, everything has to be ‘by the numbers’ and their expectations are second to none.

Working with truly professional companies really highlights a contractor’s strengths and weaknesses. Insightuk has been fortunate to have worked with Gatwick since 2002 and believes that over the years Gatwick has helped Insightuk to become the company that it is today.

By working with such professional companies, you come accustomed to the high level of expectations not only on a day to day basis, but every second of that day – it rubs off, it becomes part of your mentality, it becomes necessary that you conduct yourself to this high standard no matter who you're working with or where you're working.

A few days later, Insightuk receives a quick email that sums up the weeks of planning and organisation.

"I would like to say well done to you & all your team, good job well executed. I would like to use you for more of this work going forwards, if you want it."

Just a few words that mean so much...

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