Lightning Protection Systems Available in Birmingham!

Lightning Protection Birmingham:

In the UK alone, lightning strikes the ground over 300,000 times a year, and the resulting electrical surges cause hundreds of injuries each year, with hundreds of thousands of pounds of damages caused to electrical equipment like computers and server rooms.

Is Lightning protection a LEGAL requirement?

Strictly speaking, Lightning Protection in Birmingham is not a legal requirement. However, the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 applies to most business, and states that lightning protection systems should be tested in accordance with the relevant British Standard (either BS 6651:1999 or BS EN 62305).

How do I become compliant with regulations?

A risk assessment will primarily need to be carried out before any work commences on the premises. The level of risk will be determined in order to decide how much protection is necessary. The system must be either an internal system or an external system. If you have opted for an external system it must follow the requirements below:

  • An air termination system – to intercept direct lightning

  • A down conductor system – for the safe discharge of lightning

  • An earth termination system – to distribute the lightning current

All systems must exist in accordance with BS EN/IEC 62305 codes.

Where can I get my Lightning Protection maintained in Birmingham?

InsightUK is just not far away from you! We’re located at Priory House on Priory Road in central Dudley. As part of our service, Insightuk will provide risk assessments, installation and maintenance of lightning protection systems and condition reports, as well as annual certification to meet the BS EN/IEC 62305 standard.

Pulling from Insightuk’s height safety expertise is a large part of what makes our lightning protection installation and testing services one of the most competitive and highly skilled in the country.

​How can I contact InsightUK?

Through a number of means, whichever is best for you:

Email Us:

Call Us: 0333 800 60 60

There is also more contact information here:

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