Need Height Safety Systems in the West Midlands?

Height Safety West Midlands:

Whether it’s Safety Line Systems, Safety Eyebolts, Edge Protection Guardrail Systems, Ladder Ties… You name it, InsightUK can arrange it. As a business based in the West Midlands, we can cater to any businesses needs, big or small.

Even though we are based in the west-midlands our height safety systems don’t just cover the west-midlands, we service up and down the whole of the UK.

What classes as “Working At Height”?

Working in a place where a person could be injured by falling from it, even if it is at or below ground level is classed as working at height. Working at Height Regulations applies to all work at height where there is a risk of a fall liable to cause personal injury.

What Systems can be put in place to safely work at height?

  • Safety Line System - Horizontal System

  • Safety Line System - Vertical System

  • Safety Eyebolts

  • Edge Protection Guardrail System

  • Ladder Ties

  • Ladder - 3 Section - Mobile

  • Step Ladder - Mobile

  • Kik Stool - Mobile

  • Mobile Weight Anchor

Height Safety Systems in the West Midlands?

InsightUK is based in the West Midlands, near to a lot of clients we have built relationships with over the last couple of decades, but we can service the entire UK as well. With recent scrutiny on working at height health and safety practices, you can be assured that we meet all the correct guidelines and standards associated with this kind of work.

How can InsightUK help my business?

We are a very friendly and approachable bunch here at InsightUK and you can contact us by any means you think would be best for you to carry out:

You can email us at:

You can call us on: 0333 800 60 60

Alternatively, there is more contact information here:

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