Insightuk earns 3M horizontal systems certification

Insightuk has recently completed a training session allowing employees to install, maintain and service 3M horizontal height safety systems.

The aim of the course is to provide participants with the practical skills and theoretical information needed to safely install and inspect 3M horizontal systems. Attendees are assessed on theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and upon completion receive a certificate valid for three years.

The Insightuk team at their 3M Horizontal Systems Training

Insightuk employees are now trained to safely install 3M horizontal lifeline systems

What are 3M horizontal systems?

3M horizontal lifeline systems are used to protect workers operating in the horizontal plane who may not have continuous access to suitable anchorage points. This new achievement for Insightuk cements the company’s reputation for continuously finding new ways to improve their already stellar position in the market.

What can Insightuk do for you?

Insightuk has been working in the field of Height Safety since 1998, constantly being at the forefront of innovations in the industry and always looking to lead by example. We are one of a handful of UK companies that is experienced in all aspects of Height Safety methodology, implementation and mobilisation of all methods of Height Safety Equipment.

Contact us now for a free site survey, where our team of dedicated engineers will come to your facility and carry out a detailed inspection of your building, highlighting any current and potential issues.

Following this, our team will provide you with a detailed quote for any work required. We keep our prices at a very competitive rate thanks to our multi-service offer which keeps costs down without compromising on quality and service.

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